Firizzard (フェニックス "Fenikkusu") is the Fire starter of the metallic region, it is one of the 3 starter Pokemon for this region the other two are Aquwulf and Charbush. Firizzard evolves into Firazzara at level 16 who then evolves into Firazzaga at level 36.

 Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Firizzard resembles a small, plump-bodied bird. It is Blue in color, with a Red-colored throat and belly. The tips of its wings share the same color. Both its feet and beak are a Orangeish-red color. Its plumage is fairly nondescript, particularly compared to its evolutions, Firazzara and Firazzaga. It has a small crest of Blue and red feathers above its eyes. on its back it bears two ice spikes and its tail is a fiery blaze.

Behavior Edit

Game Data Edit

Locations Edit

Locations 2

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